Start News Mesut Pazarci:Gold jewelry is more than just an accessory

Mesut Pazarci:Gold jewelry is more than just an accessory

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Nowadays, the image of a person is more important than ever. Success in all forms depends decisively on it.

How do you optimally perform in public? How do you want to be perceived and how is one actually perceived? Are there differences between these target and actual positions and what could this be?

We humans like to blame others. But it’s not always the fault of our external image.

Status lifters in our society

If two people meet, a small status fight automatically starts. Who has the say, who decides what will happen in the next few seconds. Here, gestures and facial expressions play a central role. But not only our way of walking and talking determines the image. It’s about much more.

For example, if a person gets out of a noble sports car, that person is perceived and treated differently than if the same person had dropped out of a midsize car.

Why is that and are we humans so easy to manipulate?
Driver of an expensive sports car of the upper class is credited with a higher standing in our society. Because our head checks in fractions of a second all previous experiences with the now visible from. So far, we have the experience that drivers of luxury cars have much more personal and professional success. As a result, the driver of the described car is given a higher status than a driver of a not so luxurious car. Of course, this first impression can be wrong. The same applies to every other prejudice: a prejudice is not a tested and proven judgment.

If you were to address the driver after exiting, it could be yours that he is a chauffeur or just a test drive. On closer inspection, therefore, the image may decline again.

This phenomenon of the status lifter can also be found in other areas of our lives. House, clothing and appearance also determine how high the status is. So the owner of a large and detached villa is viewed differently, as its neighbor, who lives in an apartment building for rent. Someone who dresses in mostly expensive branded products will have a different impact on their environment than if they were wearing no-name products.
Similar to the examples described so far, the image can also be influenced by jewelry. But how can you polish up your image through jewelery and gain respect for your environment? Watches, necklaces and bracelets are more like sand. From cheap to expensive, you will find something in all price ranges. But not every jewelery is a named status lifter or image bearer.

Is it really that simple?

Here again brands play an important role. But is the price of luxury brands justified? What does it help the buyer of such branded products, if no one notices that this part cost a small fortune.

A little trick can help here, in which everyone immediately sees that this jewelry must be something valuable.

The key is „gold jewelry“.

If you wear jewelry made of gold you are still the same person, with the same strengths and weaknesses. That is why this question is justified. But who puts gold around his arm or hanging around his neck, he feels immediately different, even better. The words safer, more self-confident and sovereign, it can probably best describe. Everyone should have had this experience at least once. This sovereign demeanor is also quickly noticed by others around you. And here we are again at the initially described, elementary important image phenomenon. This means that the jewelry we wear, whether a woman or a man, determines, among other things, significantly about our status and image. How do we want to affect the outside world? If the answer to this is „neat and smart“, we can invest gold jewelry.

History of jewelry

If you look back in our history back to the time of ancient Rome, then you will find that the then designated as the most beautiful woman in the world and Egyptian Queen Cleopatra already wore gold chains and headdresses. Even then gold was mainly associated with kings.

If someone wore such jewelry, it was immediately clear that this person was either king or came into possession of the jewelery through extreme wealth. That’s why it was a sign of high status even then. In the following centuries, jewelry made of gold carried only high ecclesiastical dignitaries and kings, and they too had a high status for their rank in society alone.

That’s why it was a sign of high status even then. In the following centuries, jewelry made of gold carried only high ecclesiastical dignitaries and kings, and they too had a high status for their rank in society alone.
Of course, the fashion trends in gold jewelry from these times have changed dramatically to this day. From the Renaissance, this expensive jewelry was also popular among the nobility and very wealthy bourgeoisie. Especially gold rings were made at that time.

But gold stays gold, no matter what the trends are. Impressively beautiful, they are always an eye-catcher. It’s also worth taking a closer look.


Where previously only rings were in circulation, today also brooches, chains and cufflinks, just to name a few, can be bought. Already the golden color attracts the eyes of the people. That this must be a valuable piece is automatically assumed. And consequently, a person wearing gold jewelry is given a higher status. They are assumed to have similar characteristics to those of the sports car driver just mentioned. It suggests wealth, success and beauty. This person would now be treated differently, as if she wore no jewelry. If you wanted to address them, you would think carefully about how best to do it.

Where can I buy the mentioned jewelry?

On the one hand you can buy jewelry made of gold online. However, this way you should only buy the valuable jewelry made of gold, if previously obtained extensive information about the jewelry and the dealer. Images on websites can easily lead you astray. It would be a pity, if you would regret the purchase at home unpacking. However, if the interested party knows exactly what to look for and what jewelry he wants, it is a good idea to buy it through online trading. It can also be used on customer reviews. Here you can see how reliable the dealer is and in what condition the jewelry is.

If you are unsure on the internet, it is helpful to go to the jeweler and ask him for advice. The jeweler brings several advantages with it. On the one hand, it can inform customers about the various products and give helpful tips. On the other hand, the interested party can look at the jewelry made of gold in person and try on if desired. Often only the look in the mirror convinced of the purchase. If there are any queries after a purchase, the jeweler is always ready to answer any questions. Here, the customer should bring enough time to calmly look at the different pieces of jewelry to touch and try on. I’d rather have a piece of goods covered, take a little walk and come over later and then buy, than let yourself be tempted by other customers to buy. Gold jewelery is like other garments. However, it does not matter if the prospective buyer buys a product that pleases the jeweler. It always has to please the buyer first and foremost. Because the jeweler does not wear it later on the neck or on the hand.

What is your image?

Do you want to improve your visibility?
In the future, simply wear gold jewelry and feel like the kings of old.
If you are a woman, you can feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, as Queen Cleopatra once did.