Start News Ministers are said to testify against Bolsonaro in Brazil

Ministers are said to testify against Bolsonaro in Brazil

chulhwan / Pixabay

Three Brazilian ministers are said to testify in the investigation into possible violations by President Jair Bolsonaro. The country’s Supreme Court allowed today (local time) to question the Minister of Internal Security, Augusto Heleno, chief of staff Walter Braga Netto and government secretary Luiz Eduardo Ramos.

Allegations come from ex-Justice Minister

The Attorney General wants to hear the three generals on allegations by ex-Justice Minister Sergio Moro. Moro says Bolsonaro wanted to influence police investigations. The respected former anti-corruption judge Moro resigned on April 24.

He accused Bolsonaro of wanting to exert political influence on the authority by dismissing Federal Police chief Mauricio Valeixo. The president rejects the allegations as „unfounded“. The investigation could pave the way to impeachment proceedings against Bolsonaro.

According to media reports, during a hearing lasting several hours by the investigators, Bolsonaro had forced him to appoint a new federal police chief from Rio de Janeiro. In the hometown of the head of state, an investigation is underway against his son Carlos, who is said to have led a disinformation campaign in favor of his father.