Start News More than 1,000 dead in the United States

More than 1,000 dead in the United States

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In the United States, the number of people killed by the corona virus passed the 1,000 mark for the first time. This comes from data from Johns Hopkins University. More than 1,030 people have now died from the Covid-19 disease caused by the virus. More than 68,500 infected people have been confirmed. Only China and Italy have so far registered more infected people.

New York is the US city with the most casualties – 280 deaths were recorded there alone. Far-reaching curfews apply to the cultural and economic center. Restaurants, bars, schools, museums and theaters are closed.

Fewer new infections in Italy

In Italy, the number of coronavirus deaths and infections rose again yesterday, albeit less than the previous day. 683 additional casualties were reported by civil defense in Rome. In total, Italy recorded 7,503 Covid 19 deaths.

The number of infected climbed from 54,303 to 57,521. This increased the number of newly infected people to 3,491. 9,362 patients have now recovered, 3,489 patients are in the intensive care unit. Italy is the country most affected by the coronavirus epidemic worldwide.

Experts warned that a real trend reversal in infections can only be expected after a week or more. Italy reported a total of 74,386 coronavirus cases.

Alarm call from the south

Lombardy, the region most affected within the country, recorded 296 fatalities. The total number of coronavirus deaths in the northern Italian region is 4,474. The total number of infected people in Lombardy grew from 19,868 to 20,591, the increase was below the average of the past few days. 10,026 people were in hospitals, 1,236 in the intensive care units.