Start News More than 140,000 dead in Europe

More than 140,000 dead in Europe

jrvalverde / Pixabay

The coronavirus pandemic has already killed more than 140,000 people in Europe. 140,096 people died on the continent, according to calculations by the AFP news agency yesterday based on information from the authorities. In total, almost 1.5 million coronavirus cases have been detected across Europe.

This makes Europe the continent most affected by the pandemic. Almost 235,000 coronavirus deaths have been reported worldwide. The United States has the highest number of deaths, with around 64,000 victims. It is followed by the European countries Italy with 28,236 deaths and Great Britain with 27,510 deaths.

Up to yesterday, almost 25,600 deaths were registered in France. 218 new deaths were reported there within 24 hours, the smallest increase in five weeks. According to the French health authorities, the number of coronavirus patients receiving intensive medical care is also falling continuously.