Start America Mueller report is published

Mueller report is published

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A new chapter in the endless story about the Russia investigation: Finally the whole Mueller report is published. Not only the US Congress gets to read the almost 400-page document, the public also gets insight.

However, US Attorney William Barr reserves the right to blacken certain passages. This investigation report is unlawful and illegal, raged US President Donald Trump two days ago. „A complete discharge, no collusion, no judicial disability, that was an illegal attack that failed.“

For nearly two years, FBI special investigator Robert Mueller had investigated whether Trump’s campaign team had made collusion with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election results.

No evidence of cooperation with Russia

About three weeks ago Mueller had handed over his report to US Attorney General Barr, who published only a four-page summary. Thereafter, there was no evidence of a conspiratorial collaboration between Trump’s camp and the Russians.

On the second point, however, the question of whether Trump had obstructed the investigation of the judiciary, Mueller had not given a clear answer. Justice Minister Barr decided that the president should not be accused of criminal charges.

Barr also decided which passages would be blacked out in the report. For example, court information, sources of intelligence, or information about ongoing lawsuits were not released.

Democrats: Government wants to cover up

The Democrats, however, suspect that the US government wants to cover up explosive findings of Mueller. „The Trump government has the idea of ​​censoring the Mueller report before it’s submitted to Congress, but the Department of Justice says it’s only done to protect sensitive sources, but we have reasonable grounds to suspect that the government is already doing its part.“ Reasons will be, „said Judiciary Committee Chairman, Democrat Jerry Nadler, two weeks ago at a hearing.

„American people deserve truth“

Democrat Nancy Pelosi also called on CNN to publish the Mueller report uncensored this week. „The American people deserve the truth, there was interference by the Russians in our elections, as all US intelligence agencies have confirmed, that is the heartbeat of our democracy.“

The Democrats are already preparing a lawsuit to enforce uncensored publication of the report and underlying evidence. In fact, employees of FBI investigator Mueller had complained that Justice Minister Barr distorted the results of their investigations. Mueller will be heard in the next few weeks as a witness in Congress.

And President Trump? Although he already feels relieved, his lawyers have prepared a counter-notification as a precautionary measure.