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Near-collision of Russian and US warship

CaptainMeo / Pixabay

In the Pacific, a near-collision between a Russian and an American warship has come. The US Navy’s Seventh Fleet and the Russian Pacific Fleet blamed each other for the incident in the Philippines Sea today.

According to US data, the Russian destroyer „Admiral Vinogradov“ approached the American guided missile cruiser „USS Chancellorsville“ for about 15 to 30 meters. The US Navy accused the Russian side of violating maritime rules. The Russian state agency TASS reported that the Pacific Fleet had lodged a protest with the responsible US command.
Mutual accusations

The US Navy said that „Chancellorsville“ had been on a steady course at a steady pace when „Admiral Vinogradov“ had accelerated and approached a dangerous proximity. Thus the safety of the crew and the American ship was endangered. The „Chancellorsville“ had to put all the machines back to full power and avoid it in order to prevent a collision.

According to TASS, the Russian Pacific Fleet reported that the „Chancellorsville“ suddenly changed course and „Admiral Vinogradov“ cut off 50 meters before the bow. The Russian destroyer was therefore forced to an emergency escape maneuver.

The US Navy accused the Russian side of behaving „insecure and unprofessional“. The Russian Pacific Fleet called the American behavior „unacceptable“. According to Russian sources, the incident occurred when a Pacific Fleet Association and a US Navy carrier were on a parallel course.