Start Europe Neo-Nazis posing with torches on former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Neo-Nazis posing with torches on former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Efraimstochter / Pixabay

Right-wing extremists have abused the former Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg for a propaganda campaign. The police were on the ground – and apparently misjudged the situation.

Members of a far-right group have held a torchlight procession in Nuremberg on the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. Later, they spread a propaganda video in the network, in which the first verse of the German song can be heard.

The police confirmed that they stopped the men a few hundred meters from the Nazi Party Rally Grounds – there is accommodation for asylum seekers. The meeting had not been registered, the officials had inspected the total of 18 participants and established their identity. They then reprimanded the men within 200 yards, probably to protect the residents of the property – and let them go.

But the men moved on to the Reichsparteitagsgelände. The video shows how they pose with torches in the grandstand. The police said that they had „insufficiently recognized“ the situation. It is „regrettable“ that the group abused the site for „propaganda purposes“. The action of the neo-Nazis took place on February 23, according to police, but was only now known through the last published video.

Nuremberg Mayor Ulrich Maly (SPD) condemned the deployment of right-wing extremists. The action is disgusting, unacceptable and has not been approved by anyone in any form, according to Maly. „It is a phenomenon that must alert us – in Germany and of course especially in Nuremberg, that such symbols are used in such places,“ said Maly. The public prosecutor’s office is currently examining whether the offense of sedition exists.

During the Nazi period many propaganda events of the National Socialists took place in Nuremberg. Among other things, Adolf Hitler staged so-called Nazi party rallies, in which nightly torchlight trains were on the program.