Start isreal Netanyahu’s hearing begun

Netanyahu’s hearing begun

WilliamCho / Pixabay

The hearing of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the Attorney General for allegations of corruption has begun today. That confirmed his office. Netanyahu was represented by his lawyers and did not appear on his own.

The head of government is accused of corruption, fraud and infidelity. The three cases are suspected of influencing the media and expensive gifts of friendly billionaires. According to the Ministry of Justice, the hearing should last four days and end on Monday. After that, the Attorney General wants to decide by the end of the year on an indictment of the head of government.

Netanyahu: „Witch Hunt“

According to the Israeli Institute of Democracy (IDI), Netanyahu would not have to resign from legal charges. Should he be convicted of corruption, however, according to law professor Gad Barzilai of the University of Haifa, he faces up to ten years imprisonment. In the case of a conviction for infidelity, the maximum sentence would be three years in prison.

Netanyahu has rejected all allegations. The head of government speaks of a „witch hunt“ on him and his family. There have been cases of suspicion of corruption in the past, but Netanyahu has never been to court.