Start Shares New problems for Musk after Tweet – share falls

New problems for Musk after Tweet – share falls


Tesla founder Elon Musk has problems because of a tweet again: The US Securities and Exchange Commission accuses him of violating the conditions of a comparison of controversial Twitter messages. She yesterday asked a judge to convict Musk of disrespecting the court.

Share is going down

The SEC cited a tweet on 19 February, had written in the Musk: „Tesla built 0 cars in 2011, but in 2019 produced about 500k“. Musk has not obtained permission for the embassy, ​​they said. In addition, the tweet is misleading to more than 24 million people. An opinion from Tesla was not available at first. The Tesla share fell in the after-hours trading in the course of five percent.

Musk and the SEC settled a lawsuit in October, alleging that they had lost permission to run listed companies. He had written on Twitter in August that he might take the company off the stock market paying $ 420 a share, and funding was secured. This later turned out to be incorrect.