Start News New Year begins with protests in Hong Kong

New Year begins with protests in Hong Kong

kirill_sobolev / Pixabay

In Hong Kong, protests against the government will continue in 2020. Tens of thousands gathered for a rally on New Year’s Day. They demanded more democracy, punishment for the more than 6,500 demonstrators arrested in recent months, and an independent investigation into police operations.

The Civil Human Rights Front, which organized similar events last year, in which millions of people took part, called for the protest march.

Already on New Year’s Eve thousands had greeted the new year with slogans of the democracy movement. In a spontaneous action, demonstrators blocked a promenade for a short time.

Some carried posters that said, „Let’s continue our 2020 struggle.“ In short clashes with the police, tear gas, rubber bullets and water cannons were used. The protests in Hong Kong have recently turned into violence.