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New York luxury Hudson Yards before opening

stux / Pixabay

With the Hudson Yards, New York has a new district. It consists of more than a dozen new skyscrapers, which in addition to offices and luxury apartments offer the future wealthy residents much for everyday life: expensive shops, restaurants of high-end restaurants, a large shopping mall, an arts and cultural center and a school.

The building complex will be widely visible in New York. One of the skyscrapers has the highest viewing platform in the western world: From the 100th floor, a glass platform juts out into the open, tapering like a kind of beak. From there, visitors can look out onto Manhattan on a public terrace from a height of 335 meters.

Secured by harnesses, even more adventurous ones can climb a few meters further up on the top of the skyscraper. If that’s too much for you, you will find the walk-in artwork „The Vessel“ in a specially designed park, which consists of 154 different steps with almost 2,500 steps on which visitors can sit and walk around.
New York luxury district Hudson Yards

„This will be one of the greatest public places in New York,“ said Mayor Bill de Blasio. But not everyone sees it that way. Many New Yorkers are not thrilled: too sterile, too little authentic and above all too expensive, the new district, and in a time when New York urgently need affordable housing, criticize many. Hudson Yards is „the fantasy city of a billionaire“, etched the „New York Magazine“.

The district is located on the Hudson River in western Manhattan about the height of the Empire State Building. There is space in and of itself a rare and expensive good. The idea for the Hudson Yards was born after the 9/11 attacks. The then mayor Mike Bloomberg wanted to revive the horrified Manhattan economically. For a billion dollars, the real estate company Related Companies was awarded the contract – and about 20 years later, their boss Stephen Ross has realized his vision