Start Europe No engines: Production stop at Audi in Ingolstadt

No engines: Production stop at Audi in Ingolstadt


At Audi in Ingolstadt are the tapes: Due to the strike in the Hungarian engine plant Györ more than 10,000 employees on Monday and Tuesday must take a forced break.

A few thousand cars of the series A3, A4, A5 and Q2 could not be built, said a company spokesman. Audi credits 40 percent of downtime on its time account to affected employees. As it continues from Wednesday, was still open, said the spokesman.

In Györ gasoline, diesel and more recently also electric motors are built – not only for Audi, but also for other brands of the VW Group.

Employees in Hungary are demanding 18 percent more pay and have entered a week-long strike. The IG Metall Bayern supported the strike and explained that the employees in Györ received an average of 1100 euros gross a month, at living costs as in Western Europe.

In Neckarsulm, where Audi builds the larger models to the A8, the engine supply is guaranteed until at least mid-week, said the VW subsidiary. Also in Brussels, where the all-electric Audi e-tron is being built, production is currently continuing.