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North Korea calls in nuclear dispute US concessions

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According to media reports, North Korea wants to move in conflict over its nuclear weapons program only if the US is willing to compromise. „North Korea is moving only as much as the US is moving,“ wrote Japan-based pronorean newspaper Choson Sinbo, according to South Korean news agency Yonhap today.

The newspaper maintains close relations with internationally largely isolated leadership in Pyongyang.

The newspaper emphasized the promises made by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year’s speech of 1 January, which stated that his country no longer wanted to produce and test nuclear weapons and to use and transmit such weapons.

Washington must, however, respond to North Korea with „corresponding“ measures if these promises were to be fulfilled. Pyongyang has in recent months, especially strengthened its call for a relaxation of sanctions.

Trump sees Kim as a „friend“

The report by „Chosun Sinbo“ appeared on the day that the second summit between Kim and US President Donald Trump was due to begin in Hanoi. According to the newspaper, the success of the summit depends on „how brave“ the US is in confidence-building measures.

On Twitter, Trump called Kim his „friend.“ At the same time he promised the country economic development, it should dismantle its arsenal of nuclear weapons and missiles. Kim had agreed to „complete denuclearization“ at his first summit with Trump in Singapore last June. But there were no concrete commitments from him until when he wants to disarm atomically.