Start News North Korea’s CP meets on USA for ultimatum

North Korea’s CP meets on USA for ultimatum

Chickenonline / Pixabay

Shortly before the end of an ultimatum given by North Korea to the United States in the dispute over its nuclear weapons program, the communist leadership convened a party meeting. The Central Committee of the Workers Party, chaired by ruler Kim Jong Un, met yesterday to “discuss important issues arising from the building of the party and its activities, as well as from the construction of the state and national defense,” the state media reported today. No details were given.

A week before the meeting, the party’s central military commission had decided to take measures to strengthen the military. The Pyongyang leadership has repeatedly threatened to „take a new path“ if Washington fails to come up with new nuclear negotiation solutions by the end of the year.

Among other things, North Korea aims to lift international sanctions. US President Donald Trump rejects this. His efforts to persuade the country’s leadership to do nuclear disarmament were unsuccessful despite three meetings with Kim and many kind words.

The Central Committee of the Workers‘ Party had decided in 2013, according to Kim Jong Us, that possession of nuclear weapons should be made lawful. In its constitution, the isolated state also describes itself as a nuclear power.