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Nurmagomedov refused to share Russian and caucasian


Nurmagomedov refused to share Russian and Caucasian fighter mixed style of Khabib Nurmagomedov bluntly replied to a question why he was not in the octagon with the Russian flag. The word athlete leads

The athlete said that the flag is always displayed on the screen when he goes into combat. At the same time, Nurmagomedov noted that all foreign fans and fighters call him Russian, because I do not know about the Caucasus and Dagestan. „So we are a nation, we are one people. Most importantly, our people [the Russians] do not share. Like you, for example. Such stupid questions I was never asked, „said Nurmagomedov journalist.

The fighter said that abroad nobody shared Russians in Russian and caucasian. After Nurmagomedov, this happens inside the country. He then asked the interviewer to change the subject.

Nurmagomedov is traditionally released in the octagon in the hat. He was born in the Dagestani village of Silgi, where he started to train. Over the years the professional career of fighters spent 27 fights, all of which won. The athlete is the current holder of the belt of the ultimate fighting championship lightweight title.

On October 6, he conducted the defense against the Irish Conor McGregor to be won. After the fight in octagon, fighting broke out with soldiers and members of your team. At the moment the Russians and the Irish are threatened, the long disqualification.