Start Brazil Obscene video: Brazil’s president submits explanation

Obscene video: Brazil’s president submits explanation

Etereuti / Pixabay

After much criticism in connection with an obscene video of the carnival in Rio on the Twitter account of Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro, this has sought clarification. With the recording he did not want to criticize the carnival itself, but only a distortion of the typical spirit for this festival, quoted the news portal Uol from a statement last night.

Many users had reacted with incomprehension that a president with three and a half million followers a pornographic video in the network and disseminated. Some even called for an impeachment for this reason. Others, including members of his PSL party, defended his actions. Third parties pointed out that it was an isolated case during the otherwise quite critical, but happy carnival days.

Video should show „truth“

On the recording that Bolsonaro had released on Tuesday evening, a man is seen on a stage in Sao Paulo the audience extends his buttocks and holds his hand to the anus. He then bends down while another man urinates on his head.

„I do not feel comfortable showing that. But we have to show the people the truth, so that they know and can always set their priorities, „wrote the reigning since January Head of State and Government.

The group that had shown this appearance did not comment at first. Bolsonaro is controversial, among other things because of racist and anti-gay comments.

Carnival with political messages

The carnival was this year, contrary to the usual practices strongly political. In their parade, for example, the samba school Mangueira had criticized, among other things, the open sympathy of Bolsonaro for the military dictatorship. The samba school also paid tribute to black councilwoman Marielle Franco, who was murdered a year ago.

The openly gay left politician had denounced, inter alia, the police violence in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, the favelas. The perpetrators were not caught until today. Franco’s widow Monica Benicio took part in the Mangueira parade. Mangueira won the traditional competition of samba schools with the parade. The parade sent a „political message to the whole country“, according to the school.

Other samba schools also made clear signs, including rainbow flags, a black pope and allusions to false news that surfaced massively in the Brazilian presidential election campaign.