Start News Origin investigation: WHO sends team to China

Origin investigation: WHO sends team to China

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The World Health Organization (WHO) plans to send a team to China next week to determine the origin of the corona virus. „We can fight the virus better if we know everything about it, including how it all started,“ said WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus during a video press conference yesterday.

The organization has been urging China to invite its experts to the country since the beginning of May to help research the origin of the corona virus. By sending a team, the WHO hopes to better understand the history of the virus. Tedros did not say how the team will be composed and what its specific task is on site.

The director general noted during the video conference that the pandemic had exposed the best and worst of humanity. He listed examples of global solidarity, but also mentioned the spread of misinformation and the politicization of the pandemic.

Known for six months

Exactly six months have passed since the appearance of the novel corona virus in the Chinese city of Wuhan. So far, 500,000 deaths and ten million confirmed infections have been recorded worldwide. Experts believe that the virus has spread from animals to humans, possibly at a wildlife market in Wuhan.