Start News Over 89,000 infections worldwide

Over 89,000 infections worldwide

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In some countries, the number of coronavirus infections is increasing rapidly, more than 89,000 cases and over 3,000 deaths have now been recorded. According to the EU Commission, there are 2,100 cases in 18 EU countries. 38 EU citizens died from the infection.

In Germany, infections have now been detected in ten of the 16 federal states. For the first time, an infection was recorded in Berlin: a young man is treated in the Charite. Ten contact persons have so far been identified and isolated at home, said the Senate Department for Health. To date, 150 infections with SARS-CoV-2 had been recorded at the German Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin.

Over 1,700 infections in Italy

The virus can cause Covid-19 disease. Most infected people, however, have only mild cold symptoms with chills and sore throats or no symptoms at all. About 15 out of 100 infected people become seriously ill, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). You get breathing problems or pneumonia. Older people or those with previous illnesses are particularly affected. There are occasional deaths.

Italy is the most affected country in Europe – it is also one of the world’s most affected by the epidemic, according to official statistics. In many countries, however, experts assume that there are a large number of unreported cases.

The number of deaths in Italy is 34, said civil protection chief Angelo Borrelli in Rome. Around 1,700 infections have been recorded so far. The government is planning an aid package for the economy additionally impacted by the epidemic in the amount of EUR 3.6 billion.

South Korea badly affected

In addition to China, the country of origin, South Korea is still the most affected worldwide. There, the number of infections detected rose to more than 4,200, and more than 20 deaths have now been recorded. Leaders of a Christian sect at the center of the epidemic are facing investigations into murder and other allegations.

Two first SARS-CoV-2 reports were reported in Indonesia. A case was first reported in India in the metropolis of Delhi. The number of registered infections is also increasing in African countries. According to local media reports, there are more than 70 cases in the USA, at least two people died of Covid-19.

Most schools in Japan closed for a month today. Around 1,000 infections and twelve deaths have now been registered in the country, the majority among passengers and crew members of the cruise ship „Diamond Princess“.