Start News Pelosi: Trump’s Twitter attack on Witness was wrong

Pelosi: Trump’s Twitter attack on Witness was wrong

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US House of Representatives leader Democracy Nancy Pelosi has sharply criticized US President Donald Trump’s recent Twitter attack on a witness in the impeachment investigation. „He made a mistake,“ Pelosi said in a recent interview with CBS: „That was completely wrong and inappropriate.“

Even Trump’s most passionate supporters would have to admit that the president was acting wrong. „The words of the president have great weight,“ she emphasized. The question of whether this was an intimidation of witnesses, Pelosi avoided however. The interview was recorded on Friday, according to the channel.

Trump railed against ex-US ambassador

Ex-US Ambassador to the Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, testified on Friday in public session before the congress on the Ukraine affair. During their ongoing hearing, the President tweeted and wrote that wherever Yovanovitch went, the situation had deteriorated.

Yovanovitch was referred to the tweet during her survey. She called this „intimidating“. US House of Representatives intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff said „real-time intimidation of witnesses“ said it was „terrible“ that Yovanovitch had to face another attack by the president at the hearing. She had previously stated that she had felt threatened by Trump’s previous statements.

Trump rejected the accusation and referred to his right to freedom of expression. Republican MPs struggled to publicly defend their party colleague Trump, and in part distanced themselves from his Twitter attack.