Start United States Pence urges Europeans to exit Iran nuclear deal

Pence urges Europeans to exit Iran nuclear deal

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US Vice-President Mike Pence has called on European countries to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. Iran is „the greatest danger“ in the Middle East and is preparing a „new holocaust,“ Pence said today at the disputed Middle East conference in Warsaw.

The meeting, based on an initiative of the US and Poland, is criticized as an anti-Iran conference. In addition to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, many Arab foreign ministers also came, while almost all EU states were not represented at the highest level. Kneissl had emphasized to the APA that Austria remained „a staunch supporter of the nuclear deal with Iran,“ which the United States had canceled last year. The agreement was negotiated in Vienna in 2015 by the five UN veto powers (including France and the UK) and Germany with Tehran.
Netanyahu speaks of wanted „war with Iran“

At the start of the controversial conference, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu has caused a stir in the fight against Iran. First of all, in a video distributed by his office yesterday, he even said that he wanted to promote „our common concern of a war with Iran“ with the Arab participants.

His office then deleted the video and weakened the statement. In the amended English translation of the prime minister’s office, the word „war“ has been replaced by „combat“. In the deleted video, however, Netanyahu used the Hebrew word for „war.“

„Have always known Netanyahu’s fantasies“

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Jawad Sarif responded mockingly on Twitter: „We have always known Netanyahu’s fantasies. Now the world – and everyone at the Warsaw Circus – knows them too. “

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused Iran of carrying out a „murder campaign across Europe“. He also described the threat of instability in the Middle East in the US TV news program „PBS NewsHour“ as real. Iran has enormous influence on the troubled region, and not a good one. There are common interests between the Saudis, the Emirates, Bahrain, Jordan and the Israelis, all of whom understand that their nations are under threat from Iran.

Tehran has criticized the two-day conference hosted by the US and Poland from the outset as an anti-Iran conference. Some Western European countries are similar and have refused to send their foreign ministers to Warsaw. Kneissl, on the other hand, meets Pompeo on the sidelines of the conference today.