Start News „Play with Fire“: China warns Hong Kong’s protest movement

„Play with Fire“: China warns Hong Kong’s protest movement

Hans / Pixabay

„Those who play with fire die in the fire“: This warning was sent today by a senior Chinese government official to protesters in Hong Kong, who have been challenging the regime in Beijing for two months.

„Do not underestimate the firm determination and immense strength of the central government,“ said Hong Kong and Macao spokesman Yang Guang at a press conference in the Chinese capital. He responded to a general strike and new violent protests the day before in the former British colony.
Warning also to USA

China also warned American politicians about interference in the face of continuing unrest in Hong Kong. The city belongs to China, said the Hong Kong Foreign Ministry. The People’s Republic would resolutely respond to any measures that damaged the country’s sovereignty. US politicians should immediately stop negotiating with city separatists.

In Hong Kong, ongoing protests against Prime Minister Carrie Lam and China’s influence yesterday culminated in a general strike.