Start News Police officers killed in patrol attack in Mexico

Police officers killed in patrol attack in Mexico

shpoks / Pixabay

Alleged cartel members killed at least 13 police officers in Mexico. A patrolling police convoy was ambushed yesterday in the central Mexican community of Coatepec Harinas, according to spokesmen for the public prosecutor and police.

The officers were in the fight against organized crime groups active in the area – about 140 kilometers southwest of Mexico City. At first there were no further details.

Mexico has seen waves of violence for the last 15 years. Currently, almost 100 murders are recorded every day in the country with around 126 million inhabitants. In addition, more than 82,000 people have disappeared. This is largely due to cartels and gangs that are involved in drug smuggling into the US, but also make money through kidnapping and extortion. They often have connections with security forces.