Start Europe Policeman injured at AFD event by AfD opponents

Policeman injured at AFD event by AfD opponents


In riots at a political event in Cologne, a police officer has been injured. According to media reports and the Twitter account of AfD NRW should have acted as an AfD event. The riots were triggered by several dozen opponents of the event, police said.

At the beginning, according to the information, several of them were on the podium, chanted slogans and unrolled banners. According to police, officials then tried to lead the opponents off the stage. There was resistance. A policeman was dragged off the podium, fell and suffered „significant“ injuries. Rescuers took him to a hospital.

The police recorded the personal details of 40 suspects. They have to answer in criminal proceedings for violations of the law of assembly and for resisting law enforcement officials. The council group of the AfD had invited on Thursday evening in an urban museum building to a lecture series with open civil dialogue. According to police, there were also numerous „opinion opponents“ in the room.