Start News Pompeo blames Moscow for cyberattack

Pompeo blames Moscow for cyberattack

alan9187 / Pixabay

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has blamed Russia for the large-scale cyberattack on federal agencies and companies in the United States. The perpetrators tried with great effort to access the government’s IT systems via third-party software, Pompeo said on a radio broadcast yesterday. It is „pretty clear“ that Russia is behind these attacks.

Last week the US government confirmed a large-scale, apparently months-long cyber attack on several authorities. The attack reportedly targeted the ministries of finance, trade and energy, among others. Russia denied any involvement in the attack.

The attack is steadily expanding. Not only are more and more victims known, including the US Atomic Energy Agency and the software manufacturer Microsoft, but other software has apparently also been manipulated for what the US authorities say was very sophisticated attacks.