Start News Prosecutor General in Ukraine for the first time

Prosecutor General in Ukraine for the first time

Kurious / Pixabay

In Ukraine, for the first time in the history of the ex-Soviet republic, a woman will take over the position of attorney general. The Ukrainian parliament today voted with a clear majority for Irina Wenediktowa, the candidate proposed by Prime Minister Volodymyr Selenski. The 41-year-old lawyer previously headed the state investigation office and also drove the investigations against ex-President Petro Poroshenko.

Almost a dozen preliminary investigations are underway against Poroshenko, who was voted out in April 2019, among other things for corruption, embezzlement and treason. With Wenediktowa as the chief prosecutor, these proceedings could be brought to court.

Predecessor released after a few months

The previous attorney general, Ruslan Rjaboschapka, was released in early March after almost half a year. Among other things, he was accused of delaying the proceedings against Poroshenko.

In addition, at the suggestion of Prime Minister Denis Schmygal, the Supreme Rada appointed 44-year-old manager Igor Petraschko as Minister of Economy. When a new government was set up two weeks ago, four ministerial posts were left vacant.