Start News Protest actions in Hong Kong shopping centers

Protest actions in Hong Kong shopping centers

Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

Several people have been arrested in recent protests in Hong Kong shopping centers. The police took action against masked and chanting demonstrators in the large Tai Po shopping center. Many shops and restaurants immediately lowered the bars.

It is the third day of disruptions in shopping centers and protests against the government of the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

A new protest march is planned for New Year’s Day, to which the Civil Human Rights Front has called. The group had organized the largest demonstrations with hundreds of thousands of participants in the past six months. However, the prerequisite is that the police also allow the march and do not express any concerns.

The demonstrations in the former British Crown Colony have been going on since summer. Protests have abated somewhat in recent weeks, but there have been new incidents and clashes between radical demonstrators and the police since Christmas Eve. As of yesterday evening, 23 people had been arrested, the police reported.