Start Asia Protest against beating attacks in Hong Kong

Protest against beating attacks in Hong Kong

OpenClipart-Vectors / Pixabay

In Hong Kong, despite a police ban, many people have once again taken to the streets. They protested against the government and an attack by thugs. The police were on the spot with a large contingent, but initially held back. Many stores were barricaded.

The mostly dressed in black people gathered at the station of the district Yuen Long. Last weekend, anti-government demonstrators were attacked by thugs in white T-shirts with iron bars and sticks after a protest on the way home.

Paid gangs from the Yuen Long area are being held responsible by the protesters. They accuse the police of not protecting them. 45 people were seriously injured in the attacks.

For weeks, protest marches again and again

Today’s demonstration was banned by Hong Kong’s police department on the grounds that it could lead to violent riots. For weeks there are always protest marches with hundreds of thousands of participants. The trigger for the demonstrations was a controversial bill on the extradition of accused persons to China.

Prime Minister Carrie Lam has meanwhile declared the law „dead“, but she did not respond to the protestors‘ demand that the bill be formally withdrawn. There were also protests against the police, some of which had used rubber bullets, truncheons and tear gas against protesters.