Start algeria Protest leaders climb up and prime minister promises a government of competencies

Protest leaders climb up and prime minister promises a government of competencies


In Algeria on Thursday, demonstrations against the decisions of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika continued, amid expectations of unprecedented demonstrations on Friday, while promising new Prime Minister Noureddine Badawi to form a government of competencies, calling on the opposition to accept dialogue.

Dozens of lawyers and judges protested before the Constitutional Council in the capital and considered Bouteflika’s decision to postpone the elections illegal.

People with special needs, in their first protest, also expressed their refusal to „extend the fourth mandate and impose it on the people“ and raised banners condemning the „policy of escaping forward,“ demanding the regime to leave.

Activists expect tomorrow to witness the biggest demonstrations on the streets of the capital since the start of the popular movement in Algeria, where calls are mounting to mobilize on the networking sites under the label „March 15 Movement.“

In Bouira, a demonstration took place in which judges and lawyers participated, demanding respect for the Algerian Constitution and the laws of the Republic.

In the city of Bejaia, workers marched to demand a change of regime and raised slogans demanding respect for the institutions, constitution and laws of the Republic.

Reuters quoted several activists as saying that the protesters had chosen lawyers and politicians opposed to leading the popular movement, including university professor Fadhil Boumala, 48, and jurist Mustapha Bouchashi, 67, and former prime minister Ahmed Ben-Bitur, 73, who resigned in 1999 Bouteflika, and attorney Assoul, 63.

„We refuse to negotiate with the regime on a period of transition, the balance of power in our favor, to strengthen our movement, we need to continue pressure for up to three weeks,“ he told Reuters.

Boutuchi told Reuters Bouteflika did not understand the protesters‘ message well. „They said no to the elections, not to the fifth term, and they also said no to the government that had rigged the elections.“