Start News Protests against Lukashenko – more than 50 arrests

Protests against Lukashenko – more than 50 arrests

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During the protests in Belarus against the controversial head of state Alexander Lukashenko, more than 50 people were arrested in Minsk and other cities. The Wesna Human Rights Center announced this today in Minsk. The Ministry of the Interior confirmed the information.

Highest number in days

It was the highest number in days. The security forces had issued an urgent warning against participating in unauthorized demonstrations. However, the uniformed officers had hardly intervened recently – after the heavy police violence on August 9 and the following days.

The new wave of arrests has been going on for a few days. At rallies for Lukashenko’s resignation yesterday evening, arrests were made not only in Minsk, but also in Grodno and Gomel. The democracy movement accuses the authorities of arbitrariness and insists on their right to freedom of assembly.

State power has significantly increased the presence of security forces and prisoner transporters on the streets. Only rallies for Lukashenko are supported by the state.