Start News Putin announces hypersonic weapons in the Russian Navy

Putin announces hypersonic weapons in the Russian Navy

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced in his country that the warships will be equipped with the latest hypersonic weapons. With these weapons, unique in the world, the combat capabilities of the Russian naval forces would be expanded, Putin said today in St. Petersburg at the central naval parade.

According to the Interfax agency, the Ministry of Defense also informed about successful tests of the zircon hypersonic rocket built for the navy. The hypersonic weapons have a multiple of the speed of sound of around 343 meters per second. They are considered weapons of the future.

Construction will also continue on the atomically equipped underwater torpedo Poseidon, it said. The planned sea drone is planned to destroy coastal targets. The President, who also drove a military boat himself, said that this year alone, 40 new ships would be put into service with the individual fleet associations of the largest country in the world.