Start America Redacted Mueller report is out. What does it say?

Redacted Mueller report is out. What does it say?

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Eleven times, President Trump tried to obstruct the investigation of the judiciary – at least that was the result of investigations by special investigator Mueller. His report continues to fuel heated debate in the US.

US President Donald Trump celebrated like a winner: „I have a good day,“ he told guests in the White House: „There were no collusion with Russia and no obstruction of justice.“ But the longer journalists and legal experts deepened in the 448-page report by Russia’s special investigator Robert Mueller, the clearer the report was for Trump, despite the many blackened accounts.

Mueller describes a total of eleven attempts Trump to obstruct the investigation of the judiciary. In June 2017, for example, the president instructed his then legal advisor Don McGahn that the Minister of Justice must dismiss special investigator Mueller. Trump’s legal counsel refused and even threatened to resign.

Environment protected Trump

Mueller’s final report comes to the unflattering conclusion: Trump’s attempts to obstruct the investigation of the judiciary failed, was due to the people around the President: „They refused to follow his instructions or to carry out his requests.“

Chuck Todd’s political expert and anchorman, Chuck Todd, contradicts Trump’s claim that there was „no conspiratorial cooperation and no judicial disability.“ „Mueller came across an attempted judicial disability and attempted conspiracy with Russia, whose employees protected him by refusing To carry out his orders, this report gives the Democrats plenty of ammunition to continue their research. “

In fact, the Democrats announced that they were interviewing both Justice Secretary William Barr and Special Investigator Mueller in Congressional Committees. In addition, if necessary, they want to obtain the full report in court without blackened bodies.

Barr in the sights of the Democrats

The anger of the Democrats is directed primarily against the Minister of Justice. He had shortened Mueller’s examination results and presented them too rosy. The Democrats want to continue drilling in seven congressional committees: on Trump’s finances, including the origins of Deutsche Bank loans and his Russia contacts.

Although Mueller found no evidence of conspiratorial offenses, he lists numerous suspicious contacts between Trump’s campaign team and representatives of Russia. Trump’s written answers described Mueller as „inadequate“: more than 30 times the president had stated that he could not remember.

Probably no impeachment procedure

Leading Democrats are nevertheless against a lengthy impeachment process. Adam Schiff, secretary of the intelligence committee, says, „Unless both parties are in favor, impeachment is doomed to fail, and that would not be in the national interest.“ Especially as an impeachment process is politically dangerous for the Democrats. For Trump could present himself in the election campaign as a victim of democratic zealots.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, thinks it makes more sense to let the results of the Mueller report speak for themselves: „Trump appears more confused and obsessed in the report than someone who purposely hinders an investigation you have to wait politically for the president or the democrats. “

In any case, Trump’s first Twitter reaction to the Mueller report was probably premature: „Game Over – the game is over“ – hardly. The struggle for interpretive sovereignty continues.