Start America Refugees: USA want to lower number of shots further

Refugees: USA want to lower number of shots further

RyanMcGuire / Pixabay

The US government wants to lower the already historically low limit for receiving new refugees again. In the 2020 fiscal year (October 2019 to September 2020, note), a maximum of 18,000 people are to be allowed into the country, as the State Department said yesterday (local time). In the almost completed financial year, the limit is 30,000 refugees.

The administration of President Donald Trump has drastically reduced the receptiveness of people seeking protection from all over the world in recent years. Under the previous government of Barack Obama far higher admission limits had been applied.

The targeted upper limit of 18,000 refugees would be the lowest since the US refugee program was introduced in 1980. The State Department nevertheless described the US as the „most merciful and most generous nation in history.“