Start News Report: Chinese hacking attack on US organizations

Report: Chinese hacking attack on US organizations

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At least 30,000 US organizations have been reportedly affected by an „unusually aggressive“ Chinese hacker attack. Cyber ​​security expert Brian Krebs wrote yesterday on his website that the hackers had exploited a security hole in the Exchange email service of the software company Microsoft, stole emails and infected computers with programs that would allow remote control. White House spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki spoke of a „current threat.“

„Everyone who uses these servers must act now,“ said Psaki and advised to install an available security update as soon as possible. „We fear that there will be a large number of victims.“
„Very accomplished actor“

After Microsoft recently published the security update for Exchange, the number of attacks „increased dramatically,“ wrote Krebs, citing anonymous sources. „At least 30,000 organizations in the United States, including a significant number of small businesses, city and regional governments, have been attacked in the past few days by an unusually aggressive Chinese cyber-espionage unit that focuses on email theft.“

The hacker group named by Microsoft Hafnium is, according to the company, a “very accomplished and highly developed player”. In the past, according to Microsoft, hafnium had primarily targeted organizations and institutions in the United States.