Start News Report: Russia has its own pipeline ship for „Nord Stream 2“

Report: Russia has its own pipeline ship for „Nord Stream 2“

Pexels / Pixabay

According to a newspaper, Russia has a special ship to lay pipelines in order to complete the „Nord Stream 2“ gas pipeline. President Vladimir Putin said this to senior Russian businessmen last night, Kommersant reported today, citing sources that are not specified.

Because of the sanction imposed by the USA, the completion of the pipeline will be delayed by several months. Russian energy giant Gazprom bought a special ship for laying pipelines in 2016. His home port is data from financial services provider Refinitiv, according to Nachokda on the Russian Pacific coast.

According to the construction consortium, 160 kilometers are still missing from the pipeline between Russia and Germany. The United States has announced sanctions in connection with the project. The Swiss-Dutch group Allseas, which was previously responsible for relocating the management, has therefore suspended its work. The US government argues that Europe, and Germany in particular, is dependent on Russian gas.