Start News Report: Secret Service questioned Eminem about anti-Trump text

Report: Secret Service questioned Eminem about anti-Trump text

geralt / Pixabay

The Secret Service has questioned US rapper Eminem, according to a media report, about alleged threats against US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka.

This emerges from authority documents published by the Internet portal Buzzfeed yesterday (local time). Eminem (47) had in 2017 in the song „Framed“ fantasized about abducting Ivanka Trump and sinking in a pond. In other songs he attacked Donald Trump.

Secret Service personnel responsible for protecting the US president and his family invited the musician in early 2018 after a member of the celebrity portal had told the authorities the lyrics. The „concerned citizen“ had asked if the Secret Service would initiate investigations into this.

After the questioning of Eminem the security service according to the report according to no further investigation on. The rapper and Trump critic, who is actually called Marshall Mathers, later discussed a meeting with security staff in his song „The Ringer.“