Start News Report: Security camera at Frankfurt station was broken

Report: Security camera at Frankfurt station was broken

lapping / Pixabay

At the time when an eight-year-old boy in Frankfurt’s main station came across an arriving train and was thus killed, a surveillance camera on the track should have been defective.

The camera at platform seven had the incident in which the boy was captured by an ICE and killed, therefore not recorded, reported „Focus“ (online edition) today, citing security circles.

Second camera filmed escape

A second camera was directed to the travel hall and therefore could not film the crime. For this reason, not the shock, but only the escape of the alleged perpetrator was recorded.

A spokeswoman for the prosecution did not want to comment on „Focus“ on the defective camera. „We have video recordings and these are now being evaluated,“ she told the portal. What records that were, the spokeswoman had not communicated.

Boy succumbed to injuries

Last Monday, an eight-year-old and his mother were hit in Frankfurt’s main train station in front of an arriving ICE. The mother was able to save herself after the fall on a narrow footpath between the tracks. Her son was caught by the train and succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

The 40-year-old attacker also tried to push a 78-year-old woman on the tracks. But she crashed before and injured her shoulder. The man was overwhelmed after a short escape of passers-by and arrested by the police. The investigators do not rule out mental problems.