Start Europe Report: Serbian passport for Thailand’s former head of government

Report: Serbian passport for Thailand’s former head of government

Kurious / Pixabay

The former Thai Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, who fled after her departure, has been granted Serbian citizenship, according to a media report.

The Serbian magazine „Nedeljnik“ yesterday published a photo of a document dated June 27, according to which Shinawatra was granted Serbian citizenship. It was apparently signed by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic. The Serbian government has not commented on the case so far, even Shinawatras spokesman was not reachable.

The military fell in 2014

Shinawatra was overthrown by the Thai military in May 2014. In August 2017, she left the country to avoid imprisonment. A few weeks later, she was sentenced to five years in prison for neglecting her official duties in connection with a costly government subsidy program for rice cultivation.

Even Shinawatras brother Thaksin Shinawatra was formerly Thai head of government, he also lives in exile to avoid imprisonment, after he was overthrown in 2006. He received Montenegrin citizenship several years ago. Meanwhile, he lives alternately in London and Dubai.

His sister Yingluck Shinawatra has been seen in many places since her escape from Thailand, including London, Dubai and Hong Kong. With a Serbian passport she could travel visa-free to more than a hundred countries.