Start News Romania: investigation into political flight ban

Romania: investigation into political flight ban

Nedd3_89 / Pixabay

In Romania, the prosecutor investigates since today against Transport Minister Razvan Cuc, because this should have tried to enforce a politically motivated departure ban.

Cuc had wanted to prevent the overthrow of the government, by ensuring that parliamentarians from the province did not reach the plenary chamber in time for Bucharest, it was said by the Romanian national airline Tarom.

Cuc had planned that for October 10, the day of the vote on a motion of no confidence in the government of Prime Minister Viorica Dancila. The motion of no confidence was accepted more than necessary with only five votes. Dancila’s government has been dismissed and is currently acting only provisionally.

Cuc had demanded that five Tarom machines from several parts of the country be allowed on the voting day with at least five hours delay in departure, said the now-dismissed from Cuc Tarom Director Madalina Mezei. As chief of the airline, she refused to comply with this directive and was therefore fired by Cuc.

Cuc denies

Mezei and Cuc had to face an interrogation today of the anti-corruption unit of the prosecution (DNA). Cuc dismissed the allegations, but acknowledged in media interviews that he had met on the eve of the mistrust vote with the Tarom boss on the street in front of their apartment and asked for information on the departure data of parliamentarians.

As justification, Cuc said he should meet as ministers at any time and anywhere with his subordinates to service talks. He just wanted to ask the Tarom boss if all parliamentarians would arrive safely in the capital the next day.