Start News Rouhani against shutting down the economy in Iran

Rouhani against shutting down the economy in Iran


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is opposed to easing the easing of the coronavirus crisis. „In the long term, paralyzing the economy would be unacceptable to the people,“ said Rouhani today, according to the Presidential Web portal. A coronavirus phobia is as dangerous as taking the pandemic lightly.

Normality must continue despite the pandemic, but under strict hygiene requirements. Rouhani also called for a ban on weddings, funerals and other large gatherings. Now is also not the time for festivals and university seminars, he said in a televised address. Entrance exams at universities may have to be suspended.

Million unemployed

Millions of Iranians lost their jobs during the corona virus crisis. The economy is in an acute crisis and the national currency, the rial, is only worth less than half. For this reason, there is already intensive discussion in Parliament about an appointment and a request to resign from Rouhani. Commentators as well as officials even warn of unrest.

After the dramatic increase in the number of cases over the past few weeks, Rouhani is under criticism with his easing policy. Since the easing at the end of May, the Iranians have no longer taken hygiene regulations seriously. After that, the number of new infections and victims increased dramatically. Without an end to the easing, experts fear an even higher increase.

The official numbers prove them right. According to the Ministry of Health, there have been more than 180 dead and nearly 2,400 newly infected in the last 24 hours. The number of fatalities is currently 12,635, that of the infected at 255,117.