Start Russia Russian media oversight criticizes BBC for IS quotations

Russian media oversight criticizes BBC for IS quotations


The Russian media oversight has accused the British broadcaster BBC of spreading the ideologies of „terrorist groups“ through its Russian-language Internet service. She has found on the website quotes from the „terrorist al-Bahgdadi“, the head of the jihadist militia Islamic State (IS), said the supervisory authority Roskomnadsor yesterday. She will now check whether the material published by the BBC complies with the Russian anti-extremism laws.

The agency also called on the BBC to provide evidence by 16 January that it does not violate a new law restricting foreign ownership of Russian media.

Reproach of one-sided reporting

Roskomnadzor responded with this return carriage on allegations of the British regulator Ofcom against the Russian state television channel Russia Today (RT). Ofcam had complained in December seven RT broadcasts about the poison attack on the Russian ex-double agent Sergej Skripal and his daughter Julia in Salisbury, southern England, where the requirement of impartiality had been violated. Sanctions waived the authority but so far.

Already at that time, Roskomnadzor had accused the news channel BBC World News of a one-sided report on the Syrian conflict and Russian domestic policy.

„Always follow all laws and regulations“

Responding to the recent Russian allegations, the British broadcaster stated that he always followed „all the laws and regulations of the countries“ in which he operates. According to the Russian regulations, representatives of „terrorist groups“ may be cited, but only with the indication that these groups are banned in Russia.

The Russian-language service of the BBC is limited to the Internet. In recent years, he has been steadily expanded, now he has a number of reputed reporters who often report on politically sensitive topics.