Start Europe Salvage of little Julen: Vertical tunnel is ready

Salvage of little Julen: Vertical tunnel is ready


In the search for the two-year-old Julen, who fell in a well, in Spain, the drilling of a vertical parallel tunnel is completed.

As the newspaper El País and other Spanish media reported, citing the forces in Totalán, the 60-meter vertical tunnel was completed on late Monday evening. From this reason, the helpers want to dig a horizontal access to the shaft into which the boy fell on January 13th.

The attempt to reach the small child is still extremely difficult: The hole has a diameter of only 25 to 30 centimeters and should be 107 meters deep. Julen is believed to be 70 to 80 meters deep. The drilling of the access by partly rocky ground took much longer than initially assumed. Experts still did not consider it impossible that the boy could be rescued alive more than a week after the fall.