Start Asia Samsung postpones Falthandy launch

Samsung postpones Falthandy launch

geralt / Pixabay
Samsung postpones the launch of its foldable smartphone „Galaxy Fold“. Previously, testers had reported usage issues.

After reports on usage problems with the foldable model „Galaxy Fold“, Samsung postpones the launch of the smartphone. The cell phone should first be subjected to further tests, said the South Korean technology group. A new date for the delivery start is to be called in the coming weeks.

Originally, the sale started on April 26 in the US. It should be launched in Europe on 3 May.

Memories of „Galaxy 7“ recall

The special feature of the „Galaxy Fold“ is that the screen can be folded up to the size of a tablet. However, some journalists who received the model for testing reported screen dysfunction. Samsung then announced to check the phone.

In 2016, Samsung had already suffered a similar debacle: After several copies of the smartphone „Galaxy 7“ had caught fire, the company had to recall 2.5 million cell phones and then take the model from the market. The result was lost profits in the billions.