Start News Samsung tries to restart Falthandy

Samsung tries to restart Falthandy

geralt / Pixabay

Samsung plans to launch its foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold in selected markets in September following a false start in April.

Specific information for each country would be announced at a later date, said the smartphone market leader today. The time was used for improvements in the design and the experience of the users.

Big problems with tests

In April, some major test equipment problems arose shortly before the planned market launch. In Europe, the device was originally for about 2,000 euros on 3 May in the trade.

For the current devices, the upper protective layer of the display had been enlarged so that it was clearly recognizable as an integral part, it said. In addition, the device now has additional reinforcements for protection against external particles.

Thus, the hinges would be reinforced with additional protective flaps. Additional metal layers provided better protection below the display. In addition, the distance between the hinge and the housing has been reduced.

Race with Huawei

For Samsung Galaxy Fold is considered a major prestige project. The device was to be the world’s first on the market, whose screen can be unfolded to the size of a small tablet.

His Korean competitor Huawei, who wanted to launch his Mate X in the race, delivered the South Korean company since the beginning of the year a race. Shortly after the failed debut of Fold, however, Huawei also postponed the market launch, which had been announced for the middle of the year – and the Mate X is scheduled to go on sale in September.