Start News Sanofi vaccine should cost less than ten euros

Sanofi vaccine should cost less than ten euros

WikiImages / Pixabay

According to its France boss, the pharmaceutical company Sanofi will bring its vaccine to market for less than ten euros. “The price has not yet been finalized. We are reviewing the production costs for the coming months. We’ll be under ten euros, ”said Olivier Bogillot to the radio station France Inter.

When asked about rival AstraZeneca, which is expected to sell its vaccine for around EUR 2.50 in Europe, Bogillot says the difference may be explained by the fact that Sanofi uses “its own resources, its own scientists, its own research centers”.

“AstraZeneca is outsourcing part of its production.” Several pharmaceutical companies around the world are working feverishly to develop a vaccine and bring it to market as soon as possible.