Start News Scandal video: Györer mayor leaves FIDESZ

Scandal video: Györer mayor leaves FIDESZ

lmaresz / Pixabay

Zsolt Borkai, a mayor of the West Hungarian city of Győr, involved in a sex and corruption scandal, quits the right-wing conservative ruling party FIDESZ. But he remains in office as mayor, Borkai announced today at a press conference in Györ. Previously, the party leadership had suggested to him to take this step yesterday.

Borkai thanked the Györs and Györerin, who had chosen him despite his „misstep“. He justified his resignation as saying that he did not want the events surrounding his person to result in a „moral disadvantage“ for FIDESZ.

Criticism of Borkai: „Spits Györern in the face“

Criticism was provided by the decision that Borkai wants to continue acting as an independent mayor despite the scandal. „Borkai and FIDESZ spit on Györern’s face,“ wrote the online portal

Borkai was narrowly re-elected on Sunday with a lead of only 640 votes. In the case of a new election, FIDESZ, which had to accept defeats in the municipal elections in the capital Budapest and in several major cities, would probably fear the loss of the office.

The joint opposition candidate Timea Glazer, who had opposed Borkai, demanded a recount of votes, as 1,400 votes had been voided in the election. By law, no mayoral interim elections can be held in the coming six months.

FIDESZ: Borkai complicit in losses

A few days before the local election last Sunday, video clips of a sex orgy on a luxury yacht became known, in which Borkai is seen having sex with a suspected prostitute.

In addition, an anonymous blogger raised serious allegations of corruption against Borkai and his business associates. FIDESZ accuses Borkai of being complicit in the defeat in the local elections. The party had initially described the affairs as a „private matter“.