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Scotland wants a new referendum

Foto-Rabe / Pixabay
Should Scotland be part of Brexit Britain or become its own European nation? Head of Government Sturgeon wants to have the Scots vote on this issue by 2021.

The head of government of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, wants to hold before the next parliamentary election in the British part of the country a second independence referendum. It should become a choice between Brexit and „a future for Scotland as an independent European nation,“ said Sturgeon in the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. She wanted to initiate the necessary legislation for this purpose. The government system in London does not serve the interests of their country.

In a first referendum on independence in 2014, a scant majority of Scots (55 percent) voted against leaving the United Kingdom. Even more clearly, however, the Scots argued for the Brexit referendum in 2016 to see Britain stay in the EU (62 percent).

London reacts promptly

For an independence referendum in Scotland the approval of the government in London is necessary. It has already responded today: a spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May said that the 2014 referendum – with the majority in favor – had to be respected.