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Second black box found by Lion Air Machine

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Second black box found by Lion Air Machine

Two and a half months after the crash of a Boeing 737 of the Indonesian airline Lion Air, the second black box has also been found. Divers discovered the cockpit voice recorder this morning, as a head of agency AFP said. A few days after the crash of the passenger plane, divers had already been able to recover the flight data recorder.

The two black boxes are central to the elucidation of the cause of aircraft crashes. The Boeing 737 MAX Lion Air plane crashed into the sea on 29 October shortly after leaving Jakarta. 189 people were killed in the disaster.

A preliminary investigation report from the Indonesian authorities revealed in November that the aircraft should not have started due to serious technical defects. The machine had problems with the speedometer and the AOA sensors, which provide data on the angle at which the wind sweeps over the wings and how much lift an aircraft receives. On a cause of the crash, the investigators did not commit themselves