Start News Second lockdown in Israel is largely followed

Second lockdown in Israel is largely followed

edu_castro27 / Pixabay

In Israel, the second nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus pandemic is largely being followed. On the streets of Tel Aviv today, for example, there were only a few cars to be seen. People were hardly on the move either. According to media reports, however, there was a minor protest on the beach in the coastal city.

According to the news portal Ynet, around 100 people demonstrated against the new regulations, such as the restriction of freedom of movement. Visits to the beach are actually prohibited.

The restrictions have been in effect for three weeks since yesterday afternoon. People are only allowed to move further than 1,000 meters from their homes in exceptional cases – such as going to work or to demonstrations – and journeys between cities are prohibited.
Government wants to prevent overloading of the health system

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is reacting to the latest record numbers with the measures. Above all, it wants to prevent the health system from becoming overburdened. The start of the lockdown coincides with the Jewish New Year, when families traditionally come together. The opposition blames the government for failure because of the lockdown. The coronavirus crisis has already hit the Israeli economy badly.

Netanyahu’s government had already imposed a lockdown in the spring to contain the pandemic. With this she achieved success. However, after easing, the numbers rose again. Experts accused the government of repealing measures such as school closings too early and of inadequately preparing the country for a second wave of coronavirus.

Measures imposed in the summer caused confusion and frustration for many Israelis. It therefore remained open to what extent people would participate in the second lockdown. The government, on the other hand, had repeatedly appealed to the people to adhere to regulations such as the wearing of masks and distance rules.