Start News Seriously injured knife attacks in Nuremberg

Seriously injured knife attacks in Nuremberg

14.12.2018, Bayern, Nürnberg: Ein Polizeiauto steht in den frühen Morgenstunden im Nürnberger Stadtteil St. Johannis. Am Vorabend (13.12.) waren in dem Stadtteil innerhalb weniger Stunden drei Frauen durch Stiche auf offener Straße schwer verletzt worden. Foto: Daniel Karmann/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

In the district of St. Johannis of the German city of Nuremberg, three women were injured in a few hours last night by punctures on the street. It can not be ruled out that all three attacks in closely spaced streets were carried out by the same perpetrator, the police said.

There are currently no indications of a terrorist background. There are currently no findings about the murder weapon. A murder commission determined.
Two women in mortal danger

Around 7:20 pm, a man came to meet a 56-year-old pedestrian and stabbed her in the upper body. She had to be operated on in a hospital. At 10:45 pm, a man just a few yards further stabbed a 26-year-old who was just about to go home.

Shortly thereafter, a man stabbed at a 34-year-old. The two latter women suffered life-threatening injuries and were also operated on. Even today, they are still in mortal danger, said a police spokeswoman.

The police searched dogs or helicopters for the perpetrators. Several people were checked.