Start Asia Several dead after attack in eastern Afghanistan

Several dead after attack in eastern Afghanistan


An attack on a construction company in eastern Afghanistan killed more than 20 people. At least 16 employees of the construction company were killed, another nine were injured, said the spokesman for the provincial government of Nangarhar, Attaullah Chogiani. They are all employees of the company.

According to Chogiani, several attackers stormed the company early Wednesday morning. Two suicide bombers blew themselves up and three others were killed by security forces. The attack took more than six hours. During the search of the company premises by security forces were still a car bomb, two explosives vests and several bombs found and defused.

According to local media reports, the company is located near the airport of Jalalabad, the provincial capital of Nangarhar, and performs work at the airport, among other things. US troops are also stationed at the airport.

At first no one pleaded with the attack. The radical Islamic Taliban militia is currently negotiating with US government officials in Qatar for an end to the fighting in Afghanistan.

In Nangarhar, the Taliban and offshoots of the terrorist militia „Islamic State“ (IS) are active. According to a UN report on civilian casualties in Afghanistan, the province of Nangarhar after Kabul in 2018 recorded the second highest number of civilian casualties. In total, more than 3800 civilians were killed in the conflict last year, eleven percent more than in 2017.